Ink Paper + Print by the Seaside

Head to the sea this October for a weekend of illustration and printmaking at the annual Ink Paper + Print fair at Eastbourne’s Towner Art Gallery.

Paul will be exhibiting his linocuts and giving a guest talk on Saturday 13 October about the journey from jobbing illustrator to earning a living from making prints – including the highs and lows of creating commissioned work, touching on inspirational 20th century commercial artists such as Tom Purvis, Fred Taylor and Tom Eckersley.

Other exhibitors include Emma Mason Gallery, Michael Parkin Fine Art, Pressing Matters, Design for Today and The Mainstone Press. To book a seat at Paul’s talk click here.

Ink, Paper + Print, Saturday & Sunday 13-14 October, Towner Art Gallery, College Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4JJ,